Thursday, July 24, 2008

Selling paintings and other progress

I helped a buyer view and select paintings Wednesday. Every rack that I pulled out had yet another thing that impressed me. I was surprised by the artists' styles, interesting concepts, use of colors, sheer skill... everyone else seems pretty nonchalant about the skill of the paintings, though. I guess you just get used to such skills around here. We found plenty of things that he was willing to purchase but having to choose according for his budget was much more difficult. The best part of the process, however, was watching when some of the artists walked by and saw their works sitting in the office indicating that they were sold. I witnessed a little bit of squealing and jumping along with "Hey, I'm not even done with that…" It's a good thing that the paintings were left here to get touched up before they leave for good.

Otherwise, things seem to have settled into a bustling sort of rhythm. Art being created continuously. The photography artists who didn't go to New Hampshire have been doing photoshoots of other non-profit organizations throughout the city – not their most artistic endeavor but an important project. Still, they've gotten outside to get some sunburns. Graphics continues to churn through their projects: designing newsletters, t-shirts, announcements. The sculpture students have been working to design more of their unique furniture made from magazines and junk mail. (Revision Furniture) The fashion studio has been making messes and presumably clothing. There are clothes from the consignment shop to be re-worked in piles up in the loft and on sewing stations in the gallery. So far all I've see have been the messes, though.

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