Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Film/Video studio

Film/Video studio has been action packed and busy over the past few weeks. There was a slight delay with installing our editing program, but we managed to stay productive throughout the process. For the first two weeks, we learned how to use a video camera with all its different functions and adjustments, how to set up the composition of a scene, how to use a tripod, how to capture steady and usable footage, how to record clear audio, how to interview and more. Through many trial-and-errors, our shooting process has become much more efficient and successful with the team's creative problem solving solutions. As a team, we write all our brainstorm ideas on large poster paper, timeline our projects and create daily To-Do Lists. To enrich the students' understanding of captivating and successful visual media, we watched films and documentaries in clips and its entirety to draw upon examples of strong story development, composition, lighting, etc.

We currently have two client-based projects for the summer: Boston Summer Scholars and the Google partnership. During the first week, the entire studio met with representatives at the Google headquarters where they provided lunch, tour, a presentation on Youtube and workshop on movie-making. It was an incredibly fun and informative time! For the Boston Scholars project, we film at the seminars every Friday morning and will be giving the Boston Globe a 2 minute preview of our work this Friday.

Our goal is to finish these two projects as well as a personal side project the kids can have full control over and fun with. The Google video is going to be "A Day in the Life of..." one of our youth to show how he uses Google products everyday. Our story is focused around Felix Santiago, who is inspired by a Youtube video called "Where th Hell is Matt?" to create his own video called "Where the Hell is Felix?". Felix's version will feature him at different landmarks all around Boston to share with people the full experience of our great city, and ultimately ending up at Artists for Humanity, of course! Now Video Studio can live up to its full potential. The editing process has been great so far, with everybody making valuable and creative contributions. We have a lot on our plates, but we are super excited for all our projects to come together by the end of summer!

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