Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Show Never Stops!

As the summer wraps up, we're getting ready for an exhibit celebration. Its going to be a one night deal, so catch it if you can.

Each studio will be displaying the work they have been busy doing all summer long

Painting: has a diverse group of paintings, including some by youth that just started up with us a few weeks ago.
Fashion: during the summer, the participants in the Fashion studio have styled several shoots that Photo captured. Some of the pictures will be hung as well as some articles of clothing they have been working on.
Photo: They have some brilliant photo portraits. They will have large (2' x 3') printouts of the portraits as well as some Black & White and nature shots. Very beautiful stuff.
Graphix: Graphix is always working so hard on client work, they are often under represented in AFH exhibitions. In addition to all of their great work that's gone out the door this year, they will have a large "studio portrait" painting (4' x 5') printed.
Video: They have been recording various events for the Boston Summer Scholars (John Hancock Scholars) as well as doing videos for Google and AFH. These recordings were shot, directed, and edited by the brilliant participants of this studio. As a result, they will have approximately 4 or 5 short films being shown on our kiosk we have on the mezzanine.
Sculpture: They will have 4 or 5 sculptures on display.

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