Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Green REVOLT!

On November 19th, Artists For Humanity was contracted by Conventures to come up with a fun and interactive way to welcome visitors to Boston to the Kick-off event of the USGBC's GreenBuild convention.

Our styling studio created the vision of teens dressed as Colonial Revolutionaries. Sculpture jumped in lighting the way with a Green message for those coming from near and far with "Colonials" on stationery bikes using pedal power to illuminate signs that read – The GREEN Revolution is Coming and Proclaim Sustainability Throughout the Land. We had costumed town criers holding LED-lit torches and a colonial period-inspired marching band with boom boxes and bucket drums.

It was, unfortunately, the coldest night of the year so far. Hopefully the pedalling (and copious amounts of hot chocolate) kept everyone warm.

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