Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mass. Cultural Council is creating a YouthReach Facebook page

The Mass. Cultural Council is in the process of building a Facebook group for the young people in all of their YouthReach supported programs. Check it out, spread the word to interested young people, and help them get this off the ground.

Yes, adults can join the group too-- but their ambition is for this to be primarily youth-focused--youth-driven, youth-inspired, youth-led--youth-centric. Young people talking to each other more, adults talking to or about young people less.

The goal is to create an online community among the young people in the YouthReach programs around the state-- a place to make connections across programs and across town lines, a place to share videos and images of work, share news of upcoming events, share hot tips and leads, share views, and create conversation about life and work as a young person involved in creative endeavors and leadership.

Currently, anyone can join, including alums of AFH and other programs.

If you're on Facebook, take a look at the group: YouthReach Creators and Innovators.

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