Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mel King's 'Streets' now available

Artists For Humanity is thrilled to announce the release of Mel King's Streets. AFH's Billy Nuñez worked closely with Mr. King to illustrate the story. This is coverage in this week's South End News of the release of the book at the Harriet Tubman House last Thursday.

Mel King still uniting the South End with ’Streets’
by Bessie King, Contributor
Thursday Feb 12, 2009

The magnanimous Mel King has offered the South End
another chance to better understand itself with his new
book of poems, "Streets," following a lifetime of work
on behalf of residents.

"Streets are haven a haven, a host, a place to rest where there’s a house with a light and one can be safe, where you learn lessons that shape your life."

Mel King, noted South End community activist, read these lines from his new poem book "Streets" at a book signing Thursday evening, Feb. 5, at the Harriet Tubman House, 566 Columbus Avenue.

"I know Mel and I also want to learn more about the artist for the book because the illustrations are outstanding," said Judith Felton, a South End resident. "I also thought the book was very nice, sharing memories from childhood and experiences of living in this neighborhood."

The book, as King humorously explained, became a project of his in 1928, the year he was born. As he involved himself with the community and focused on helping others, specifically young people, he collected thoughts on how urban neighborhoods and urban life function. While on a trip to Cairo, Egypt, Mumbai, India, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with a group of students, he asked them to notice the difference between a house and a home. Although many of the people they encountered lived in houses made of cardboard, wood panels, or metal sheets the quality of their relationships with others had little to do with their lodgings...

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