Thursday, March 12, 2009

BeanTown BreakDown at the EpiCenter

Artists For Humanity is pleased to host the 10th Anniversary of the Beantown Breakdown break dancing festival at the EpiCenter on June 27 and 28th. The organizers, the wonderfully talented CrazyFredy and Snap, are expending their weekend to include more young people in celebration of their energy and art. They will be hosting a series of free Hip Hop workshops for middle school youth, and are striving to make their event free for all youth.

Below is a portion of an email from them explaining their vision for the Beantown Breakdown. Please come on down and show your support. It's always a GREAT weekend for people of all ages.
Imagine on June 27th walking into the Epi Center at Artists for Humanity. You first walk up to the door to notice, the 6 year old running around the location. To your right is the stairwell on the second floor that is full of spectators looking over to the main dance area. Right in front of you are several hundred people beginning to convene and small circles better known as ciphers are beginning to form. You can feel the excitement and the anxiousness from all the competitors. Against the wall you see some of the dancers warming up and stretching and helping their team members get ready. As you walk further back, you notice vendors of all ages selling their original product, some of them selling their product for the first time. You smell the wonderful cultural food that is being prepared by the organizers parents that is requested every year by all the attendees. The DJ is playing music like, funk, disco and parts of songs known as the breaks that all ages can appreciate and enjoy and represents many different eras. The more you observe, you begin to see dancers of many different types and ages teaching each other. The beginners are applauded and encouraged to continue while the veterans (participants in the scene for more than 15 years) instruct and admire the will to learn. The dancing begins as soon as the participants arrive and doesn’t end until eight hours later. This is part of what you can see and experience at the Bean-town Break-down.
Click here for a full event description or watch their promotional video here.

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