Thursday, March 25, 2010

Digest(ing) the Weekend in NYC

Rich Frank, Marketing Director of Artists For Humanity, shares his experience this past weekend in New York at the Architectural Digest Home Show.

We seem to love being in New York—and boy, did New York love Artists For Humanity this weekend past! Exhibiting in our vibrant 5 x10 feet booth at this year’s edition of the Architectural Digest Home Show at Pier 94 was exhilarating on so many levels. Before we gush, a big shout out and major thanks to everyone who came by to look, chat, and listen. Your enthusiasm kept us so stoked that we hardly noticed the rock hard floor beneath our feet!

Takeaways: People like creative work from enterprising, dedicated young artists who might not otherwise have a supportive platform for developing their skills and showcasing their stuff. Although we have always been appreciative of kind words from strangers (and friends), almost everyone who visited us commented on:

1) The beauty and inventiveness of the work

2) Their surprise that it was created and manufactured by urban teenagers

3) The thrill that a program like ours exists.

Folks also hugely suggested that we add ReVision counter and bar height stools to the line…Gratefully acknowledged–Coming Soon!!

The list of interested potential collaborators, on-the-spot buyers, fans (in one case a fan so ardent that he claimed “air conditioner” status!) and “I wish you guys were in New York” admirers included designers, retailers, artists, policymakers and magazine publishers. We exchanged tons of business cards with students and store owners; we had laughs with the fabulous and subdued; we sold tables and stools to architects, creative directors, Upper East Siders and downtowners—a real New York microcosm.

Bravo on the Show! We’ll keep you posted on what grows from our weekend in the Apple.

Written by Rich Frank

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E. Obih-Frank said...

Excellent show and fantastic display by the AFH crew...
I particularly enjoyed the display at their booth because they had fresh, inventive and truly original artistic creations. Oprah, where are you?