Thursday, April 22, 2010

2 days left until the Greatest Party On Earth!!

The teen artists are creating amazing new artwork inspired by this year's theme, WATER! Do you have your ticket yet??

AFH Sculptor Spotlight: Kershner Williams

Kershner Williams is a seventeen year old senior at the New Beginnings High School. A participant of the AFH Sculpture studio for four and a half years, he is currently the top performing artist of the studio! This Fall, Kershner Williams will be attending the Year Up training program to discover his potential in other fields!

Q: How did you come up with the new table and stool top designs you created especially for the Greatest Party On Earth?

KW: I started researching this project a long time ago, I don’t like to rush projects. I was looking at different artists and different effects of water. I noticed that we always use the skim coat (half an inch of resin to create the smooth surface) the same way. I wanted to showcase that the skim coat can be really cool if you take advantage of it. I wanted to have some type of motion in the table, like someone dropped a coin in there and it rippled. I wanted the resin to act like an element, not just plastic.

(Kershner Williams [back] and sculptor mentor Jameson Sellers [front] taking out the resin mold.)

Q: What did your process involve?

KW: I spent an entire day walking through the neighborhood and looking for the metal trashcan lids. The lids where no where to be found because everybody uses the plastic ones now. It was like a reality check, it’s 2010 now. So I called my [AFH sculptor] mentor, Nick, and we went to Home Depot together. We found these water collectors for gardening and bought a big one and little one to make a stool seat and table. I filled the mold with all the blue pieces of magazines so it would look more like water.

Q: What was challenging about this process?

KW: The tabletop came out bigger than we expected and it didn’t fit our original base. So now we have to build a new base. I’m going to incorporate the legs to be a feature of the ripple so it looks like a wishing well—like a fountain shooting it up.

Q: What has been positive about this process?

KW: Discovering my potential and knowing that I could do this, and taking it to the next level.

Q: Why should people come to the Greatest Party On Earth?

KW: Because it gets better and better every year.

By attending our annual fundraiser, Greatest Party On Earth, not only will you party with Boston's best entertainment, food and wine, you will also be supporting our arts program that provides jobs and training for hundreds of Boston's under-served teens each year!

Get your tickets today:

Fun fact of the day: The Epicenter has a special pipe that collects rain water and stores it below the courtyard for gardening purposes.


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Andrew said...

So strange, we're on Mac's here too (Firefox and Chrome) and it's working on our end. What version of Firefox, and do you remember about what time you tried? Worst time possible for our site to be acting up. Thank you so much for letting us know. Gabe, Artists For Humanity or 617.268.7620