Friday, April 16, 2010

8 days left until the Greatest Party On Earth!

Everyone is working hard over here to bring you the best party ever--especially the teen artists! Do you have your ticket yet??

This year’s theme of “water” is to raise awareness about the dangers of water pollution on Earth. Our top performing teen artists have been working hard for a few weeks now to create 5x5 feet paintings around this theme. These new works will be exhibited and on sale at the Greatest Party On Earth. Check out these amazing artists:

Felix Santiago priming the canvases.

Cassandra Lattimore

Kitauna Parker

Savannah McKay with AFH Director Susan Rodgerson

Jian Ci Liang

Spotlight on AFH Painter: Jianci Liang

Jianci Liang is a senior at Charlestown High School. She immigrated to the United States from China in September of 2008 and has been a part of Artists For Humanity for two years now.

Q: How did you approach the theme of water?

Jianci: When I started, I was thinking about how water looks like and the movement of the water. Sometimes I try to remember experiences/memories of water and what that felt like.

Q: Can you tell us about the water painting you’re working on right now?

Jianci: The water is falling, like raining. I’m trying to paint inside the cave, like when the light peeks through and the water is shining by itself. I want to compare this light with the darkness of the cave.

Q: What has been challenging about this process?

Jianci: There are so many paintings with similar ideas. The hard part is coming up with something unique.

Sometimes you don’t care about the water, but this time you really have to concentrate on the water and focus, and realize how the water connects to the nature.

Q: What has been positive about this process?

Jianci: I think it’s fun. I think the abstract is fun because you can do whatever you want. I try to use many different colors and shades of blue and green to connect to water.

Q: Why should people come to the Greatest Party On Earth?

Jianci: Because it’s to celebrate Earth Day and people should know how to protect our world.


By attending our annual fundraiser, Greatest Party On Earth, not only will you party with Boston's best entertainment, food and wine, you will also be supporting our arts program that provides jobs and training for hundreds of Boston's under-served teens each year!

Get your tickets today:

Fun fact of the day:
The first Artists For Humanity facility was based out of Co-founder/Director Susan Rodgerson's own paint studio in the South End.

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