Friday, May 14, 2010

AFH Painter, Carolyn Shin, sells her first painting!

Carolyn Shin is a sixteen year old painter at Artists For Humanity and she just sold her first painting! In her own words below, she shares her thoughts and feelings on this accomplishment:

It was a very special moment for me when I was informed that my painting was bought. I am very grateful because this is the first time that I have ever sold any art in my life.

Before I started painting, I took a strong interest in the human anatomy. Whenever I browse through anatomy books used by doctors or students in medical schools, I can see little parts of the body that look like nature. To me, the back of the skull looks like the cratered moon, the veins and much of the nervous system look like growing tree branches; the peeled, dissected muscles look like mountains; a specific muscle area of the back looks like a moth, and a number of these images in my head grow more and more. I have realized that there is definitely a strong connection between these two mysterious worlds: the outside nature that surrounds us, and the beautiful human body. The painting here (above) is an image of the human back with a dark tree in place of the human spinal chord. I wanted to merge a powerful-looking tree with the human back, with tree branches stretching out to the sides. I hope people will see this painting with an understanding that us, human-beings are one with nature. I am very grateful for this moment—of selling my first painting—and always will be throughout my life as an artist.

At Artists For Humanity, 50% of a sale goes to the artist and the other 50% goes toward supporting AFH programs. Check out more artwork for sale at AFH's online store by clicking here!

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