Thursday, July 14, 2011

Artists For Humanity Introduces Yoga for Youth, Mentors, and You!

With 5000 square feet of space in the AFH EpiCenter's Lewis Gallery, we can hold a lot--a lot of student-artists, mentors, administrators, computers, easels, desks, tools, stools, and paintings! Now that the Summer Session is in full-swing, we're filling the EpiCenter with a ton of new student-artists, projects, energy, and life!

But what happens when the easels are put away, the computers are shut down, and the tripods are stored? At AFH, we want to use this space for as much creativity as possible, so after work is done, and the stress from the day begins to set in, what's the best way to deal with it? Why not yoga?

This summer, we've decided utilize the EpiCenter's Lewis Gallery after-hours with yoga classes! It's common knowledge that yoga can help relieve stress, sweat out toxins, and focus your energy, but it's also a great tool for expression. Learning how to move your body safely and creatively is a great skill to have, and we want to provide that to student-artists, staff, and you!

Starting July 18th, we will be hosting yoga every Monday night from 6-7pm on the first floor of the EpiCenter. It is open to the public, and safe for all ages and levels! Taught by AFH's very own Kristina Grinovich, who often does handstands in the gallery when no one is watching, this hour long, music-filled vinyasa-style yoga will give you a chance to stretch out the work-day soreness. Since becoming RYT certified last spring, Kristina has been teaching in the Boston area and is excited to share her love of yoga with AFH and the Boston community this year.

So come move and sweat with us every Monday night at 6:00 for an hour of empowering yoga set in our art-filled, eco-friendly space.

Yoga is FREE for AFH staff and student-artists, and is open to the public for only $5. No yoga mat? No problem! Thanks to our friends at South Boston Yoga, who turned us onto Doreen Hing, designer and founder of Plank Designs, we now have extra mats in-house! We are so grateful for cool, local designers like Doreen who donated these funky mats to us!

A towel and water are also suggested.

As with all events held at the EpiCenter, 100% of the proceeds benefit Artists For Humanity.

For more info or questions, call Kristina at 617-268-7620.


Anonymous said...

Kristina is a Certified Yoga Instructor in the State of Massachusetts, just thought I'd mention it.

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