Thursday, August 18, 2011

22 AFH Teens OWN a Bike Thanks to BOSTON BIKES

It may have been raining outside on August 15, but the smiles were all sunshine on the 22 AFH teens cycling around the Lewis Gallery as they tried out their own bicycles.

Boston is making Boston a biking city and now, thanks to the Mayor's initiative, BOSTON BIKES and "Roll it Forward" which refurbishes donated bikes and makes them available to underserved youth, 22 AFH teens now have a free bike, helmet and lock and are ready to ride. Before getting their bikes, they had to apply for the privilege and take a bike safety session to get up to speed on the rules of the road and do's and don'ts of riding in traffic and on on slick roads. The last step was to be properly fitted.

Gary Chen in the AFH Painting Studio said, " I never had a bike that was fully functional. I plan to paint it! "
"I plan to use my new bike to commute to Bunker Hill College," was on the mind of Y Nhi Nguyen's thoughts as she tried out her bike. She was inspired by the idea that cyclists have the same rights as drivers of automobiles.

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