Thursday, August 11, 2011

AFH at the ICA, Real Life Remixed: Teen Night

First impressions are everything! Everyone coming into the ICA last night for Real Life Remixed: Teen Night got hit with some awesome AFH paintings right at the door. Over 30 student paintings were proudly displayed alongside other renowned ICA artwork. The types of paintings ranged from portraits and landscapes to abstracts and 3-dimensional works. The ReVision 2.0 line was also represented; samples of the student’s furniture crafted out of recycled magazines and plastic bags garnered a lot attention. Clearly all of the works were museum quality.

The music was vibrating the floor, and the energy from the crowd was inspiring. And the free ice cream sweetened the whole night! The AFH and the ICA make a great team. Check out past and future Teen Nights held at the ICA.

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