Friday, December 9, 2011

12 Days of AFH Holiday Fun! Part 9!

Remember that famous first telegraph transmission from Samuel Morse, “What hath AFH wreathed?” (at least that’s how we heard it) Okay, too young for telegraph lore, then how ‘bout this famous maxim- “Read it and Wreath!”

Not ringing a bell? Well maybe it’s better to show than tell when speaking Wreath-ology!

Drawing from the age old tradition of making Holiday gifts skillfully and lovingly by hand, our teen-sculptors have been working like a team of Duchamp–led elves to craft these incredible wreaths from discarded magazines. What better way to show your DIY–spirit and sense of iconoclasm than to flaunt one of these beauties in an easy to peep spot around the house.

You may have a store or nursery bought evergreen or plastic version on the front door now. They’re kind of pretty. But AFH reclaimed paper wreaths...they’ll rock the holiday block!!

Come one and all to see these eco wreaths and so much more at AFH's best ever 4th annual For The Love of Art Holiday Sale at the EpiCenter on Monday, December 12 from 4 -7 pm.

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