Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from Artists for Humanity!

We hope you are enjoying this holiday season and send warm wishes 
for a prosperous and inspired new year! Thank you for your 
continued generosity and support - we could not do the work that we do 
without you. We so hope you will consider a year end contribution 
in support of our teen artists, such as Cameron Akeredolu, 
who's story captures the AFH experience I'd like to share.

“When I started coming to AFH, I was in a little trouble. I had made a 
mistake. At AFH, I wasn't judged. Instead I was advised about better 
ways to conduct myself so I could be more successful, maybe even 
make a contribution to something good.

“I started my experience in the painting studio and later moved to 
sculpture where I’ve worked on a bunch of awesome projects! One of 
my absolute favorites is our ReVision line of furniture. It all started as a way 
to recycle junk mail and magazines into something that would look cool 
and be useful. It’s now a diverse line of products that we have been marketing all 
over the country. Last March, I got to go to New York City with a couple of my studio-mates to 
help work at our booth at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. We showed our pieces and 
won the prize for Most Socially Responsible Exhibit at the show. Everyone loved our booth and it 
was a pretty awesome experience.

“Another amazing opportunity was designing bike racks for Mission Hill Main Streets. We built models and did 3-D drawings on the computer and then presented them to a panel. They loved the designs, and mine was one that was picked. We built them out of steel. Now when I walk past Brigham Circle, I’ll point out my bike rack and tell my friends, ‘I made that!’

“Just last week my studio mates and I helped construct the awning for the entrance to the EpiCenter. This project was a lot of fun! MassArt’s Design/Build students worked with us on the design and installation. It was cool to collaborate with them and the architects who built the EpiCenter. I really liked being part of a project that beautifies the neighborhood and helps an organization that has helped me so much.

“After working on all of these interesting creative design and building projects, I have developed a strong passion for the career I want to pursue. I want to become a civil engineer and continue to be involved in projects that enrich the community and make the city a better place to live. Thanks, AFH, for showing me this career path, letting me know what I’m capable of achieving, and giving me a chance to do something special."

All of us at Artists For Humanity are continually working to provide these opportunities to the 250 young people we employ each year. We hope you can see their talent, appreciate their enthusiasm for new opportunities, and continue to support them as they become leaders in their communities. 

Click here to donate online, and thank you.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012!
Susan Rodgerson
Executive/Artistic Director 

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