Friday, March 2, 2012

Q and A with Featured Young Artist, Carolyn Rochalski

We are pleased to present Carolyn Rochalski, this month’s AFH featured young artist! A talented photographer, Carolyn has been working at AFH for the past four years, honing her skills and showcasing her work in The Boston Globe  “Teens in Print” magazine, as well as working with our other photo teens to document all AFH work created in our studios!  Her artistic skills and burgeoning talent not only help the photo department, but Rochalski’s ambition and energy have been a positive influence on everyone at AFH.  One of her own projects, a series of 12 jellyfish photos, was showcased at our 2010 GPOE. The stunning photos, which were shot independently by Carolyn, were displayed on the wall under our mezzanine and were a huge hit for our water-themed GPOE. Check out some more of her work here and stay tuned to see what cool photo projects the studio will create for this year’s GPOE coming up on April 28th!

How did you hear about AFH?
CR: One of my good friends worked at AFH in the painting studio when we were younger and I visited a few times after school and really liked it.

What was it about photography that interested you?
CR: Showing the subject of the image the way I see it. I could see something (an object, person, or place) I’ve taken a picture of a million times, but this particular picture of it might look completely different because of the angle or the way it’s lit. In the same way, someone else’s picture of the exact same thing would look different from mine…I like how each picture comes out differently, depending on so many circumstances, especially who is behind the camera.

What’s your favorite subject to photograph? Plants, animals, minerals, people?
CR: I like using a short depth of field in a lot of my pictures. I don’t think I have one favorite thing to photograph,  but I always find textures interesting to shoot, and long exposures are fun.

What surprised you about working at AFH?
CR: How many friends I’ve made… I’m somewhat shy, but AFH really is like one big family and I have met some of my best friends here.

How do you think photography will fit into your life after AFH?
CR: Hopefully it will be a big part of my life.  I definitely want to go to art school.  I don’t know what I want to major in yet, maybe photography or art history.  Even if I end up in a career that doesn’t involve art, I’ll always take pictures.

Is anyone else in your family artistic?
CR: My Dad is artistic. His hobby is carving animals out of wood.  When I was younger and he moved into his new apartment, we had more rooms than we needed. There was just a room to hang out, run around, paint and draw in with nothing but these chests with drawers filled with paint and pastels and lots of glass eyes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors for his carvings.  We carved a deer together once. He taught me how to use chisels and how to burn detail onto the wood.

When did you first become interested in art?
CR: I feel like I’ve always been interested in art…I guess maybe middle school is when I started thinking about creating art of my own.

Do you have a favorite photographer/artist?
CR: I really can’t pick a favorite. I did just buy a Terry Richardson photo book that’s really cool. I think I like it so much because his portraits are so unusual and so well done, and taking pictures of people is my weakness.

What is your favorite part of the day? Why?
CR: My favorite part of the day is just getting to work. I know it sounds corny, but I really enjoy what I do and the people I work with.

What are you reading now?
CR: I am currently reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I’m almost done and I can’t wait to read the next two in the series.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
CR: Probably still in Boston with a college diploma and a job. I’m not picky just as long as I’m happy.




Heather Parker said...

Great work Carolyn! I love the garage door shot the best.

jess said...

You're super talented! We just purchased one of your pieces at the art & design event and are really excited to hang the square print of broken windows on our wall today :)
good luck with everything!

Joan Navin said...

Great work, Carolyn! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Keep it going, sweetheart!