Monday, April 9, 2012

AFH Transforms Ugly to Art!

The New view!

Anyone driving past 101 Hampden Street in Roxbury will be in for a colorful surprise!

Way back in November, at Artists For Humanity’s 20th Anniversary “Have a Seat” Gala, professional artist Lynette Shaw, and AFH Board of advisors Donald Nelson and Neal Balkowitsch, had a brilliant idea! Seeing all the art work of AFH’s teen-artists made them think about engaging AFH creativity to spruce up the Max Ultimate Commissary, owned by Balkowitsch and Dan Mathieu, one of the EpiCenter’s preferred caterers.  For years, the word “Loser” had tarnished the north-facing wall, and so a make-over was a welcome concept!

Shaw worked with AFH Executive/Artistic Director Susan Rodgerson, and six AFH teens (Junia Ryan, Katana Parker, Gary Chen, Yokari Mercedes,Takii Samuels, Emily Lyons and Juanita Grim) to design and create an ambitious 30’x70’ abstract, colorful scrim to install on the side of the building. Because the project was so huge, Nate Swain, a respected installation artist, photographer, and designer, was called in for help.

Our AFH teens in the midst of the mural!

On Monday, April 2, huge cranes were organized by Swain to install the brightly colorful scrim. Many AFHers pass by this Hampden Street building and now can smile and say, “I did that! “  

Check out our pics below, and be sure to check out more of our teens’ projects at this year’s Greatest Party on Earth

Thanks to our 5,000 sq. foot Lewis Gallery, we had enough room to paint! 

Where the blues meet the pinks

101 Hampden before...

...101 Hampden after!

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