Thursday, August 23, 2012

AFH Teens Take on Boston Covers!

Gary Chen working on his painting LIVE at the 2012 "Best of Boston" 

It has been a super summer of productivity for AFH teen artists and their mentors! And, being the indomitable bloggers we are, we'd like to take the opportunity to look back and revel in two more AFH collaborations (it's kinda what we do best). One is a commission from Boston Magazine that engaged four talents in our Painting Studio; the other is a summer mural project in Brockton that employed Brockton teens including several AFH alums, was mentored by AFH alum and Brockton resident Wendy Darling and all under the supervision of AFH founder and Painting Studio mentor, Robb Gibbs. 
(Stay tuned for photos of that awesome project!)

Here is the story behind the Boston Magazine commission: To celebrate the Magazine's  50th Anniversary, AFH was hired to create four giant paintings (7’x5’!) for the magazine’s annual “Best of Boston" event held on July 31st at the Courageous Sailing Center in Charlestown. The night featured all of the winners from the magazine’s “Best of Boston” issue, as well as the four talented teens who were chosen to create their fantasy design covers for Boston Magazine. Gary Chen, Cate Mitchell, Sadia Bies, and David, “Nick” Johnson not only designed and painted  the large-scale paintings for the event, but they were also on site to apply the finishing touches to the paintings and got a chance to meet and greet some of the "Best of Boston" winners.

And oh yes... it rained on "Best of Boston" but not on our parade!

Sadia smiles as party-goers check out her work!

Nick works on his painting! 

Cate adds the finishing touches to her gorgeous piece!

Feel like you’re missing out on the AFH fun? Join us this evening from 4-8pm at our BIG End O’ Summer Bash at the AFH EpiCenter!! 

All photos courtesy of Boston Magazine and taken during the July 31, 2012 "Best of Boston" Party

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