Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Featured Artist of the Month: Guerson Saintil!

Introducing Guerson Saintil! 

Featured Artist. He has found his niche in our 3-D Design Studio. His recent work includes creating ReVision jewelry for sale in AFH-THE STORE, completing a ReCycle sculpture designed with thousands of bottle caps for a Massport installation in Terminal A at Logan Airport - and recently helping design a grand X for TEDxBoston made with recycled plastic bags. Guerson is an AFH stand-out for his creativity but also for his productivity and excellent work ethic. 

ReCycle Sculpture at Logan Airport Terminal A

Guerson Saintil adapting a wire hangar for use in the 3-D Design Studio   

Modeling the beads made in the 3-D Design Studio from recycled paper .

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