Monday, December 7, 2009

AFH hot funky tables at hip MXYPLYZKY in NYC

A shout out to New Yorkers and anyone planning to be in the Big Apple in the next 6 weeks. Artists For Humanity is debuting our "hot" ReVision funky table line now through Jan 30, at MXYPLYZYK in Greenwich Village.

Here's the "back story" ...MXYPLYZYK owner stopped by AFH's first-ever booth at the August New York International Gift Fair and sha-zam.. he was taken with AFH youth artists, the AFH mission and the sustainable design. The result was a purchase of AFH ReVision tables and stools for one of New York's hot, hip gift emporiums.

Check out For the curious, the name MXYPLYZYK was inspired by a character in the early Superman comics! Now don't you want to see AFH featured in a MXYPLYZYK window display and go inside to see the colorful hand-made Round Stool, made from reclaimed magazines and sealed in water resistant, easy to clean and environmentally friendly resin? ReVision stools are on sale for $250/ea.

For more about AFH, MXYPLYZYK is at 125 Greenwich Avenue (W13th Street) Tell your friends!

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