Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Join us this Thursday for the world premiere of AFH digital media projects at the ICA!

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Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) is an organization that provides Adobe software to inner city youth around the world to express their viewpoints through digital media. Two of Artists For Humanity’s creative studios, Photography and Video, have teamed up with AYV to create projects that address daily teen issues. Photography studio created a series of photo essays depicting positive influences in each of the teen photographers’ lives. Video studio created a short film about teenagers overcoming stereotypes. Both these projects will be making their world premiere this Thursday at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). The AFH Video studio’s short film has been selected as the event’s final screening. Please join us this Thursday 6:30pm at the ICA to celebrate the amazing work of our teens!

Synopsis (Written by Video studio Assistant Mentor, Aneisha Malcolm):

The Artists For Humanity Video studio has created a short film giving a glance at the struggles teens face everyday. The movie depicts four young teens with different problems and juggling the pressures of being in the middle of childhood and adulthood. TJ (the main character) deals with being rejected for a job because he is young and inexperienced. While trying to come to terms with this disappointment, he takes his frustrations out on three other teens he sees goofing off in a train station. While they all have their own problems, the characters must learn to come together and find a common ground in a society that misunderstands them.

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