Thursday, August 25, 2011

AFH and the War on Sugar

Last Thursday, AFH assembled a small army of warriors. We met at daybreak (sort of) at the AFH EpiCenter, mounted our steeds (newly-acquired road bikes, which had been granted to our student-artists earlier in the week…see the blog post below for more info on the awesome “Roll It Forward” program!), and rode to the Boston Public Health Commission headquarters. There, we received our mission: to take away the power of sugar and thwart its dangerous affects on all our bodies!

In an effort to combat heart disease, diabetes, and other life-threatening health issues associated with obesity, the Boston Public Health Commission has created a new campaign that would change our perceptions on the sneakiest obesity proprietor of them all: sugar-sweetened beverages. Referred to as “SSB’s,” these calorie-crammed soft-drinks are being consumed more than ever, and our city’s youth are feeling the affects; 44% of Boston public school students are overweight or obese.

While steps have been taken to reduce the availability of sugary-sodas, such as Mayor Menino’s 2004 ban on soda and junk food offered in vending machines in Boston Public Schools, people are still chugging empty calories at an alarming rate. Our goal, with the help from the Boston Public Health Commission, is to change the way people think about their drinks and opt for healthier thirst-quenchers.

Graphics and Motion Graphics Mentor Mikey Guadarrama, along with student-artists from our Graphic Design department, will be heading up the visual component of our anti-SSBs campaign, making posters, stickers, and magnets. We’ll be taking our new ad campaign to the streets…squashing the saccharine lies about “energy” drinks, sweetened teas, and pop with the help of Draco Prosapia, Mr. Guadarrama’s team of die-hard skaters.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we start gathering our troups and taking over the streets, proclaiming the truth about the most popular unhealthy beverages. Our multi-media blitzkrieg is set to include new graphics, photos, videos, and skate-days—all 100% sugar-free! The anti-sugar, anti-sugar-marketing revolution starts now…so grab some H2O and get ready for the new wave of hydration.

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