Thursday, September 29, 2011


In a corner of AFH"S 3-D Design studio, Vitaminwater bottles were everywhere! The word must be out that AFH can do almost anything...including turning bottles of water into a dress design.

And so, at the invitation of Boston Magazine and Vitaminwater, AFH was invited to be inspired by the bottles, and labels and to fabricate a design for a prominently positioned window display for The Tent at Boston Fashion Week held from the September 23 - 29. Mentor Hannah Fallon, AFH youth artists Lexi Zotov and Nhi Nguyen and guest artist Laura Fallon created a magical dress design worthy of a red carpet runway.

If you hurry, you can check out AFH's window display in the Newbury Arcade just outside the Mandarin Hotel entrance in the hallway that connects to the Prudential and Saks. For a preview, take a look at these photos taken by the AFH Photography Studio:

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Anonymous said...

Is this available as a wedding dress? Could attract some cutting edge brides. Great work, that truly is a piece of art.