Tuesday, October 25, 2011

AFH fights Sugar ... with Water, Skateboards, and NINJAS!

Thanks to clever marketing, soda companies have convinced our nation that sugary beverages are the thing to drink to quench thirst and generate joy. But, as we all know, sugar-loaded liquids are not the key to happiness--they're actually the sneaky culprits responsible for the rising obesity rates in our country. In order to fight the rise of sugary sodas and change our public's perception of healthy drink choices, AFH has teamed up with the Boston Public Health Commission and Boston skate team Draco Prosapia to spread the benefits of choosing water over sticky beverages. True to form, AFH is taking its own hard-core, guerilla marketing approach that not only involves cool t-shirts, posters, and merch, but skateboarders, bikers, dancers, and ninjas! We're spreading the truth about the dangers of drinking too much sugar and we're having a blast doing it! Check out this teaser video shot during our first skate day, where we took over the city's streets and asked the public to re-think their drinks.

Want more info? Click here for more facts about the most popular (and deadly) beverages and how you can be healthier, stronger, faster, and more ninja-like.

More skate days, adventures, and videos to come.... Stay tuned and hydrated!

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