Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WIN Two Tickets to AFH's CELEBRATE 20 Years! After-Party on November 11th!

AFH 's 20th Anniversary Gala is just around the corner...and here's your chance to win TWO TICKETS to the Celebrate 20 Years! After-Party on Friday, November 11th at the AFH EpiCenter! You and a friend will be our guests for decadent desserts, drinks and dancing to Boston's swing-iest band, The Love Dogs. The AFTER -PARTY starts at 9:30pm and ends at 1:00am! Creative chic attire!

So how do you score two tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime celebration? It's as simple as expressing yourself! Leave a comment on this blog about how art impacts your life and you are automatically entered to win! Please include your name and email in the comment.

Winners will be announced on our
Facebook page on October 31st, so be on the look-out for announcements!

If you want to be sure to be there on 11.11.11...you can purchase tickets to the AFTER-PARTY for $75 per person until Halloween...after the 31st, tickets are $100 per person.*

*All proceeds will help establish the AFH Fund for the Future which will enable AFH to grow to its capacity by employing more teens; engage them in learning entrepreneurship and life skills; provide them with critical academic support to ensure that each and every AFH youth graduates from high school and matriculates to an institution of higher education or vocational training; and most importantly, provide a safe environment in which they can flourish.

Please note, that you MUST be 21 or over to attend this party.

Post your comment now to enter the contest!


RLWS said...

Art makes me happy everyday because it reminds me of all the places I have gone or hope to go. It also gives me a chance to reflect on things you don't see or think about everyday. It's nice to see someone else's perspective on life.

Saintvitus said...

Art makes life spontaneous and unpredictable.

It shakes you out of life's daily-grind stupor, because it rouses the creativity in you to see the creativity of others.

Chelsea said...

Art takes me out of my comfort zone and gives me the chance to do things that I wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

Terry said...

Art is the thing that moves us beyond mere existence, while making existence seem that much more important.

Spaceman Spiff said...

Art is something that can move us and make us feel, sometimes in a way we don't even truly understand how.

I don't consider myself artistic but I am surrounded by so many people in my life who are and I'm thankful that they are able to bring that to my life.

Scarlett said...

Whether it is a photograph, a painting, a dance piece, a play: different art forms are able to punch you in the gut, slap you across the face, and make you feel human again.

The best kinds of art challenge you to look deeper and start to FEEL again. People seem to shut down on feelings/emotions as a defense mechanism, but art reconnects you to your humanity.

Jeremy R. Browne said...

ART is a force that gives us meaning. ART is expression in the most raw and beautiful way. ART is always current and always timeless and never wrong. ART is a shared experience between the artist and the audience and ART only exists in the moment that the two parties connect. ART...is. ART is what I love.

Alicia said...

Art is living. And living is in everything. It's around us and inside us. It's in the air we breath, the music we hear, the smiles we share. It's the words I write here, expressing...

Just today, I took a walk in the south end and discovered art in rose petals, statues, a forgotten toy train in the park. In these moments of discovery, you feel connected to yourself and the world. That is what art does - it connects us. It can turn one person inside out so someone else can be nudged in a moment of new discovery. These moments can transcend us, if we are open to them.

I admire artists who can express themselves through song or paint. It's in those expressions that I am most moved.

- Alicia
@leximaven on Twitter

ss.sarasimon said...

sitting in art history, once again, my professor pointed out that the statue was incomplete due to the bronze being melted down to make a bullet or a cannon ball, to make war. what a loss. it reminded me how important, how impactful, inspiring, and educational art is...and how fragile. when art doesnt exist or is destroyed how are we to know to move forward? to advance?
artists aren't just creating intuitional pieces because we like to. i think we are creating a kind of dialogue between the past, present, and future. i know that i long to leave a trace back to myself, to today, and what it was like, to the things that inspired the piece, and to what i may or not have been challenging when creating it.
art, for me, is invention and asking questions. its accepting the role to inspire, to leave impressions, change a state of mind, to develop, to challenge, to try something new, and to be brave enough to share my findings, failures, and successes. i am thankful to have a desire to create and talent enough to attempt it.

Lindymegan said...

What part of life isn't art? My alarm that's set to play sweet jazz in the morning. The architecture I pass on my bike ride into work. Dancing at my standing desk at the office. Relaxing at the end of the day to a good film.

Christina Papazian said...

Art is how we can illustrate the beaty of today that most cannot see. We live in age of vigilence, technology, and somtimes a cold shoulder is often met than a welcoming hand. For me art is my warmth, My connection with those who cannot see me for who I am and what's inside that counts. Art is a univeraal language of love, and understanding...because of art Im not alone.

Jado said...

Simply art makes my soul breath love better.