Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Party is in Full Bloom!

An example of an amazing EpiCenter Wedding, decorated by Winston's!

Our 20th Anniversary "Have a Seat" Gala will be oozing beauty and style with complimentary floral arrangements from Winston Flowers, who we are proud to call our preferred florist!

Like AFH, Winston Flowers was born and bred right here in Boston! It all started on Newbury Street…literally! Back in 1944, Mr. Winston and his teenage son Maynard pushed their humble flower cart onto the bustling street to sell their beautiful designs. Now, 67 years later, their company is one of the most well-respected boutique floral designers in the city and owns six successful stores throughout Massachusetts.

A born entrepreneur with a keen eye for design, Maynard is known for taking his company to the next level, working with clients to create their custom landscapes for weddings and celebrations of all kinds, and we are lucky enough to have them decorate the EpiCenter for our very own celebration this Friday, 11-11-11!

Buy your tickets today for the Gala and bask in floral art that only Winston Flowers can deliver!

Posted by Shannon Sullivan

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