Monday, November 14, 2011

AFH + DP + BPHC = H2O!

As we mentioned earlier, AFH has teamed up with the Boston Public Health Commission to change the way our city thinks about our drinks, particularly the sugar-filled soda beverages that have been fattening up our culture with insidious carbonation and fake flavors. Since September, we've embarked on a unique, energy-filled marketing campaign to showcase the benefits of water and the dangers of sickly sweet sodas, and we've been spreading the message with lightning speed thanks to the student-artists in our Graphics department and the Draco Prosapia (DP) Skate Team. So pour yourself a tall drink of water and check out the newest video AFH and DP created during one of their skate days.

For more info on how those sugar-loaded beverages are slowing you down, check out and keep checking back for more AFH and DP street team adventures!

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