Thursday, February 23, 2012

AFH Art Brightens Up Suffolk Law School

AFHers mingle with the Suffolk crowd!

Close to  thirty AFHers proudly streamed through the grand rotunda of the David J. Sargent Hall at Suffolk University Law School on their way to a very special reception. The fete was planned to recognize and thank AFH, introduce our teen-artists to Suffolk, and to celebrate the 12 grand pieces that enliven Sargent Hall’s main meeting room.

Admiring our Kaleidoscope prints

“This makes me feel like we’re really out there!” Viet Vu, a member of the painting studio exclaimed, “Like people from all over Boston know who we are.”

Last June AFH was commissioned to install paintings and photographs from our Kaleidoscope series) in the enormous, first floor gathering space and in  the more intimate Student Lounge.

Fantastic food and warm welcomes from Suffolk administrators and admissions staff made everyone feel comfortable.  Our crew of painters and photographers mingled with the hosts, engaging them with stories about AFH and their work. 

Viet, who is interested in pursuing a career in Architecture or Interior Design, was delighted to get lots of “inside” info from Nancy Hackett, Associate Professor and Co-Director of Interior Design at New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk. She knew the AFH program well, having led a group of her students on a tour of the EpiCenter last spring.

A delicious spread!

Nancy Hackett summed up the AFH/Suffolk relationship saying,  “AFH kids are inspired! The program is such a great opportunity for them to build their portfolios-not to mention its excellent work done for clients and their community. I’m glad that we can be a resource, whether they end up at Suffolk or not. It’s great to see them on such a positive path.” 

In the end, gratitude won the day. “It’s such a privilege for us to be represented at an event like this,” Viet reflected, “It really makes us feel proud.”

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