Thursday, February 16, 2012

AFH Celebrates Black History Month at the State House!

Last Friday, the State House looked much less stoic than usual—drummers, dancers, and artists joined State Representatives, Veterans, and students to fill the Grand Staircase in celebration of Black History Month! AFH teens and staff were part of the mix—after being commissioned by the Tri-Ad Veterans League to create paintings of influential African-American leaders and veterans last fall, the teens in our painting studio were invited to the formal reception showcasing the work. The art exhibit and reception, entitled “African Americans in the Military” featured 13 paintings made by nine AFH teens: David Johnson, Takii Samuels, Kitauna Parker, Jerome Shelton, Reginald Pinckney, Juanita Grim, Wilton Tejeda, Kim Nguyen, and Toni Jonas Silver. Working closely with two mentors, Genaro Ortega, and Stephen Hamilton, the artists created paintings that portrayed some crucial figures in Black History. 

State Representative Gloria L. Fox welcomes the crowd.

Some of the subjects painted were Benjamin O. Davis, a Tuskegee airman and the most decorated black officer in the American military, William Harvey Carney, a medal of honor recipient, and the soldiers in the 54th volunteer regiment, who are honored as a whole in one of the pieces.

AFH teens and mentors are thanked!

AFH wasn’t the only creative group at the State House; the program also included music by the JahJah Drummers and two performances by the One Love Dance Company.

One Love Dance Company!

The JahJah Drummers!

The show will be up at the foot of the Grand Staircase at the State House until the end of the month—so be sure to stop by and check out the inspiring pieces!

One Love Dance Company, AFH, and guest speakers Nimo and Tayo Stuppard pose on the Grand Staircase with Representative Fox

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