Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet Ryann Lynsky, August's Featured Young Artist!

Meet Ryann, our Featured Artist of the Month!

We are pleased to introduce, Ryann Lynsky, one of our loyal AFH teen-painters! This talented 17 year old started working in the painting studio at AFH in the summer of 2009, and has been painting up a storm (complete with the appropriate storm animals) ever since! We are so proud to call her one of our own for one last, rockin’ summer before she heads to MassArt to further hone her skills! Check out her work below, and get to know a bit more about this amazing artist. 

AFH: Where do you go to school?
Ryann: I recently graduated from Elizabeth Seton Academy and will be attending MassArt in the fall.


AFH: How did you hear about AFH?
Ryann:  I heard about AFH through a cousin who was attending the Saturday blast program.

AFH:What’s your favorite part about AFH?
Ryann: There are a lot of amazing things about AFH, but what I value most is the opportunity to learn from the mentors and from other painters. I don't think art school would ever have been in my future if it weren’t for AFH.

AFH: What do you like about the Harbor Island trips every Wednesday?
Ryann:  The boat rides! They’re so much fun, especially when you stand on the bow.

AFH: What island is your favorite so far? Why?
Ryann:  My favorite Island so far is Georges Island. I really liked exploring the fort.

AFH: What do you like to paint?
Ryann: I like to paint animals the most. I do like portraits and landscapes, but somehow animals always get incorporated.

AFH: Describe your favorite project or painting you’ve made at AFH. What was the process like? What was the most challenging part?
Ryann:  The painting that I'm working on now is currently my favorite. It's a self-portrait, though I'm wearing a mask of a jackal. The process was just building the image up in layers. The mask was hard for me to paint because it needed all these shades of blue to be put in subtly, and subtle isn't exactly easy for me.

Ryann working on her latest piece!
AFH: What, or who, inspires you?
Ryann:  Anything and everything, but, to be specific, Tim Burton has always been an inspiration to me.

AFH: What are you reading right now?
Ryann:  Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. While I have a passion for the theatre de l'absurde this one is a bit of a pain to read.

AFH: What type of music do you like to listen to?
Ryann:  My favorite genre is punk cabaret, but I like most kinds of music.

AFH: What would you do with $1000???
Ryann:,  I would use it to buy things for my dorm.

AFH/ What do you like best about Boston?
Ryann:  I like that it's on the ocean.

AFH: Would you want to live anywhere else?
Ryann: Yes, I think London would be an interesting place to live. And I don't like sunshine all that much, so I think I'd like it there.

Want to meet Ryann in person? Mark your calendar for our AFH BIG End O’ Summer Bash happening on August 23rd at the EpiCenter! Check back on our facebook page for more info on the summer party and other fun AFH events!

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