Thursday, November 1, 2012

Introducing Emely Cedano, our Featured Young Artist of the Month!

Meet Emely Cedano!

Introducing Emely Cedano, one of our talented teen-sculptors! Despite being only 14 years old, Emely is already making her mark at AFH, designing bike racks for clients and helping build tables! Check out her interview below and be sure to swing by the EpiCenter to meet her in person on 12-12-12 at our annual Holiday Open House and Sale! 

AFH: How did you hear about AFH?
EC: I heard about AFH from my friends who had jobs there already.

Carefully working on models to make sure the designs will work!

AFH: What drew you to work in the 3D Design Studio?
EC: What interested me about Sculpture and 3D Design is the fact that what I imagine or create in my head can then be manifested into an actual piece that is made out of wood, plastic bags, tape or whatever material I want…and it will make my customer or client feel jubilant about the product that results. 

AFH: What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on so far?
EC: The coolest project that I have worked on in AFH for the 3D Design Studio is The Bike Rack project for JP Centre/South Main Streets. We had to first meet with the clients and consult with them about our ideas for bike racks. Our mission was to somehow create bike rack designs that represented that particular area of Boston. The client liked all three of my designs! Next up, is making one of my chosen designs come to life.
AFH: Awesome! What inspired the flower- DESIGN bike rack?
EC: I came up with the flower design for a JP bike rack by looking up a design-inspiration called "The Cow Parade." This idea behind this design-challenge is that each artist is given a blank-cow as their canvas. I had the same concept with my flower. I would basically give them a flower shape painted on the ground with bars coming out of the center of the flower in an arch. These metal bars arching out of the center of the flower represent the stigmas of the flowers. In the basic flower shape (which will be flat on the ground), bikers and people in the community can draw what they please and decorate the flowers with colored chalk.

AHF: Wow, what a cool, interactive piece! It lets everyone with a piece of chalk become an artist and contribute to this open-design! What about the other design you did for this project proposal?
EC: I also created a Guitar-bike rack, which was JP Centre/South Main Streets’ favorite. It represents the JP Music Festival. We are still working on the final design. Be on the look-out for it!

Emely helped make the legs of this awesome ReVision table!

Working on our cool ReVision stool-tops made our of recycled plastic bags!
An Emely Cedano original: ceramic tile with plastic bags!

AFH: We can’t wait! Any ideas for after-AFH? Where are you thinking about going to college?
EC: I honestly don’t know where I want to go to college yet. I would like to look into AIB because the campus is gorgeous and the curriculum is very intriguing and rigorous which will encourage me to work hard and improve my skills for when I’m ready to apply!

AFH: Any ideas of what you want to do as a career?
EC: I would like to be an Architect, publication artist, or something having to do with caricature. I love drawing cartoons and working off of other people’s ideas and topics. I also love details, which is what an Architect focuses on.

Emely helped make this table come to life!

AFH: Who inspires you?
EC: The person who inspires me is my cousin Bernice Perez. She went through so much turmoil, but was still able to pull through as an independent women, with great enthusiasm and being able to look at the bright side. She was the one who taught me how to draw when I was little and showed me that you can do something productive with your talents. 

AFH: If you could create anything, what would it be?
EC: I would create my own line of Vinyl Toys. I have various ideas for making little toys for tourists as a way to remember Boston or AFH.

AFH: That sounds like something that could sell in AFH-THE STORE! Let’s work on it. J Any skills you’ve learned so far since working at AFH?
EC: One skill I have learned is teamwork. You cannot take on the world alone. In the sculpture studio, we are all like family. We care for each other and help each other with our problems and projects. We all work together to make things happen and we are there as shoulders to lean on for each other. At some point you're going to need a friend, and in sculpture I know I do not have to take on the world alone because I have them.  

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Kirsten said...

I love what you are doing, AFH! And it is great to meet the young and talented Emely! Great job with the blog!

Anonymous said...

Hola Emely,
As I read this article, my heart filled with so much joy and pride. I still remember that vivacious, inquisitive, fourth grader who entered my classroom many moons ago. Continue pursuing greatness. I would love to purchase an Emely Cedano original.

Ms. Muriel

Anonymous said...

Hola Emely,
As I read this article, my heart filled with so much joy and pride. I still remember that vivacious, inquisitive, fourth grader who entered my classroom many moons ago. Continue pursuing greatness. I would love to purchase an Emely Cedano original.

Ms. Muriel

Anonymous said...

Emely,nice art skills.I admit that the designs and sculptures you make still have me speechless