Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Local Collection" at Faneuil Hall Marketplace selling AFH ReVision

Interview with AFH Sculpture/ 3-D Design Studio Mentor, Nick Rodrigues

Right out of Mass Art in 2003, Nick Rodrigues became involved with AFH when he was hired as a metal smith designer for the building of Artists For Humanity EpiCenter.
He used recycled building and household materials in designing the EpiCenter's fun public bath rooms and figured a way to recycle windshields from Crown Victoria automobiles into windshield banisters on the EpiCenter's mezzanine in the Lewis Gallery of the building. Since Fall 2004, Rodrigues has been mentoring the AFH apprentice youth artists in the AFH Sculpture Studio to create 3-D designs such as bike racks, awnings, sustainable furniture (part of the ReVision line) and other works for sale and commission.

AFH: Tell us about how Artists For Humanity got involved with Faneuil Hall's Local Collection.

Local Collection is a retail mix of over 30 emerging local designers and artisans. They have two locations, one in Glendale, CA and one that has just opened in Boston, in historical Faneuil Hall. AFH approached Local Collection about including ReVision tables and stools designed by our youth artists in the Sculpture/3-D Design Studio. They loved our story and they are excited to carry our artwork!

(With AFH Design team, Nick Rodrigues is fourth from the left.)

AFH: What will Artists For Humanity sell at Local Collection?

Nick: We decided to show some of our smaller pieces from our ReVision furniture line. They are all unique, one-of-a-kind sustainable furniture designed and created by teens in Boston.

AFH: Can you describe the creative process teen artists go through to make these stools and tables?

Nick: Each stool or table starts with one of our teens having an idea and choosing a palette of color or magazine material to work with. Then, they create unique patterns and designs with the magazines in a template. Next, their pattern is cast using a zero-VOC resin. Each design is unique to each teen’s vision.

AFH: Tell us about the five specific pieces going into Local Collection.

: This collection reflects the diversity of the youth artists.

The star table was innovated by 17 year old Alice Luu. She’s graduating this year and attending Brandeis in the fall. She has extremely good attention to detail and produced a series of three tables that are a galaxy of origami stars. She sold the other two tables at our Greatest Party On Earth and this is the only one left.

Visionary and entrepreneurial star Dominique Butori created a sunset-inspired table. She will be attending Montserrat College on a full scholarship next year. Dominique chose a warm palette of yellows, reds and oranges and created a fade.

Young artist Adolfo Hernandez took a zen approach to his design by having a single green square surrounded by a white border. It’s a very classy, modern table by an urban teenager talented beyond his years.

This is a ReVision classic called “the woven.” Brightly colored strips are chosen and woven together to create a modern take on a traditional pattern. This design is perfect selection for a tourist on a first trip to New England.

Seventeen year old Cameron Akeredolu chose ReVision’s first and most prominent design, the Signature table. Using an exciting array of blue colors, Cameron created one of the most striking of the AFH collection to debut at Local Collection.

AFH: What happens to the money when AFH furniture is sold?

: Local Collection receives a portion from the consignment, teens receive a percentage and then the rest supports Artists For Humanity programs. So when someone buys a piece of furniture, not only are they taking home a beautiful work of art, but they are also contributing to the development of this young artist and the program that serves over 120 inner city youth every year.

AFH: What are you most excited about with this new opportunity?

: Being at Local Collection will provide AFH with international exposure. Our furniture is best viewed in person to appreciate its unique craft. This is a great opportunity to reach a large population visiting Boston so that they can learn the Artists For Humanity story and take it back with them to wherever they are visiting from. I think people will be amazed to realize that a place like Artists For Humanity exists in Boston.

We hope to have our youth go to Local Collection this summer so visitors can meet the artists and learn from them about their pieces.

Prices range from $275 to $650. Be sure to check it out!

Local Collection is in Faneuil Hall Marketplace South Market Building #2135
(phone# 617-722-4310)
Store hours are Mon - Sat, 10AM - 9PM and Sun noon - 7PM.

For more information about our ReVision furniture and online purchases, click here!

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