Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AFH Takes to the Open Sea!

AFH's  main headquarters will always be in the epic, LEED Platinum Certified EpiCenter. But now,  for our Summer Jobs Program, 139 teen artists and mentors are  pushing beyond our building's borders! Thanks to a grant from the Boston Redevelopment Authority,  AFH teens have the opportunity to have their own ferry boat take them to each of the Boston Harbor Islands and explore a part of Boston many have never seen. 

Aboard the S.S. AFH!

AFH teen photographers search for interesting shots. 
Drink more water!
Once out on the islands, teens draw, shoot video, photograph and paint from nature, create temporary site-specific sculpture ala Andy Goldsworthy, and take inspiration from the cultural, social, aesthetic and scientific qualities of Boston’s waterfront and islands.  

Exploring some old architecture.

Last week, the teens embarked on the first of seven Wednesday Island adventures at Georges Island. Along with our teens was summer intern and Bank of America Student Leader, Shaquille Alberts, who gave this  report: 

"Back, forth, side to side. This isn’t me trying to dance the Electric Slide but the swaying of a Boston Harbor cruise boat as Artists For Humanity and its 139 teen artists (the most in AFH’s 20 years of existence) embarked on their first journey to Georges Island, one of Boston’s notorious Harbor Islands, which have been proclaimed as “one of Boston’s Hidden Jewels” by Mayor Thomas Menino. From everyone’s fluorescent smiles you could tell the excitement level was at a peak, but what made it even more evident was the yelling of “I’m on a boat” and the random “woos” that surged through the boat's electrifying the atmosphere. Thirty-five minutes later we arrived on the island with a sketchbook, a water bottle and the Blue’s Clues state of mind ready to explore, looking for any possible forms of natural inspiration for the teen artist’s chosen medium, which range from painting to drawing, photography to graphic design, and so on and so forth.  At AFH we pretty much do it all. After the initial spiel from the Park Rangers on the Island about the ‘do’s and don’ts,’ everyone took off, some staying in their specific studio groups, while others mixed it up. I personally got to hang with the graphic design studio and we discovered a couple really fascinating old abandoned architectures. It was unreal navigating through these remains, reminiscent of old pyramids, without the mummies of course. All the teens were into the island and their enthusiasm showed tenfold through tons of conversing and laughter. There wasn’t a dull moment. It’s fair to say this very organic and green island unleashed a very free-spirited side of the teens. This trip was a nice way to unwind after two days of intense studio sessions. All left looking forward to the many adventures to come on these hidden Jewels of Boston." - Shaquille A., Age 17, July 11, 2012 

                      Stay tuned as we visit all the Boston Harbor Islands! 
                                      Coming up...Spectacle Island! 

All photos by AFH teen photographers. 

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